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Parking Information

Improvements have been made to the parking lot and driveway to improve traffic flow and the parking situation.

In the yellow highlighted area above at the pool entrance, please pull all the way forward at the door and turn on your flashers so others can go around. Please stop only for a brief moment- if you need longer than that find a spot or circle back around. Stopping by the bench backs up traffic onto Bethel Road.

At the back of the parking lot by the tennis courts in the area in red, barricades and chains have been installed so that they do not become blocked. Do not park in front of the tennis courts and block access.

Finally, as always, do not park in the Refectory parking lot after 5pm, or they may tow your car. On Swim Meet and hot days, please carpool when possible to reduce the number of cars. Additional parking is available across the street by using the crosswalk.











Leadership Staff
Nikki Brown Pyzik, Administrative Manager and Tom Jones, Operations Manager

1064 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
614-972-7399* Seasonally mid-May through early September

Mailing address: PO Box 20015, Columbus, OH 43220



2023 Board of Directors

Alicia McAuliffe – President | Deb Mosko – Secretary | Jeremy Ohlinger – Treasurer  |  Betsy Saxer – Membership Coordinator  | Cheryl Alexander | Tim Bowers | Jim Fritz | Larry Nelson | Dick Rabold | Mark Witchey

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