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Owner's Certificates
Owner's Certificates
Transfering an Owner’s Certificate

Current Certificate Owners 

Current Certificate Owners in-good-standing have two options for transferring their Owner’s Certificate- selling their certificate on the private market, or donating their certificate back to the pool. Transferring a Owner’s Certificate requires filling out and submitting the Owner’s Certificate Transfer Application- either online or by downloading the PDF.

To sell your Owner’s Certificate, you must pay the $25 Transfer Fee that must be paid by the seller. Owners can then sell for whatever price the Buyer and Seller can agree upon. It is the Owner’s responsibility to find your own Buyer through social media, church, school and word-of-mouth. We can provide waitlist names and contact information for persons wishing to purchase a bond. Currently there are nearly 200 persons on the waitlist and an estimated two year wait to purchase a Owner’s Certificate.

Donating your owner’s certificate back to the pool is a hassle free option that saves you time and allows a new member to join at the club’s set rate (currently $250). With this option, no transfer fee is charged, and the certificate will be sold to a member on the waiting list at the current club price of $250.


To buy an Owner’s Certificate from a current Owner you need to find a qualified interested Seller. If on the waitlist, owners may contact you to purchase a certificate at a price you both agree upon. Purchasing a certificate from an Owner is the quickest way to become an Owner, as the club does not get many certificates back to sell each year. When you connect with a seller check with the Administrative Manager to verify that your Seller is an Owner in-good-standing with a valid Certificate to sell.

The Seller should submit to the club, the official Transfer form- either through the member dashboard or by downloading the PDF. Buyers will submit a Membership Application form through the Administrative Manger or pool office in season to complete the transfer and membership process. Expect the process to take at least 3 to 5 business days.

Northwest Swim Club takes no responsibility for the exchange of money between buyers and sellers. We suggest using a secure backed method such as PayPal or transferring funds in person (at the pool when in season) once verifying a legitimate seller.

Leadership Staff
Nikki Brown Pyzik, Administrative Manager and Tom Jones, Operations Manager

1064 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
614-972-7399* Seasonally mid-May through early September

Mailing address: PO Box 20015, Columbus, OH 43220



2023 Board of Directors

Alicia McAuliffe – President | Deb Mosko – Secretary | Jeremy Ohlinger – Treasurer  |  Betsy Saxer – Membership Coordinator  | Cheryl Alexander | Tim Bowers | Jim Fritz | Larry Nelson | Dick Rabold | Mark Witchey

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