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Becoming an Owner is the Gateway to Membership
All Members of Northwest Swim Club are Part Owners by Purchasing an Owner’s Certificate

If you are an Owner, click here to pay your dues!
What does it mean to be an Owner of NWSC?
  • You are an equal, part-owner of Northwest (max of 900)
  • You have exclusive voting rights in the operation of the Club.
  • The Certificate purchase is only paid the 1st year
  • Owners are guaranteed the ability to use the pool each summer by staying a member-in-good-standing. 
  • You are required to pay Annual Dues yearly by May 1. Non-payment by the 2nd Monday of May puts your ownership in jeopardy.
  • The Owner Certificate’s price currently is $250 when buying directly from the Club. Outgoing members can sell their Certificates (called a Transfer, see below) for more or less than $250
  • The operation of Northwest is overseen by a Board of Directors and a fully engaged membership.
  • Volunteer service will be asked of you, for the Board, Boosters, Events, Projects, Fund Raising, etc
  • You belong to Central Ohio’s finest family oriented, exciting, private pool.
  • You must be an owner to register for Annual Dues and to use the Club as a member.
More Information on Certificate Transfers


Current Certificate Owners in-good-standing can elect to sell their Certificate for whatever price the Buyer and Seller can agree on through the Transfer process, however, the Club’s selling price when applicable is the original price of $250.

There is a $25 Transfer Fee that must be paid by the Seller to the Club before obtaining official Transfer Forms. Contact the Member Administrator to get started. It is the Owner’s responsibility to find your own Buyer through social media, church, school and word-of-mouth. 

A physical transfer of forms and exchange of money between the Seller and Buyer will be required, at which time the Seller’s responsibilities and ownership are over, and the final paperword turned over to the Buyer to immediately submit.



To buy an Owner’s Certificate from a current Owner you need to find a qualified interested Seller. When you connect with a seller check with the Member Administrator to verify that your Seller is an Owner in-good-standing with a valid Certificate to sell.

The Seller should bring to the transaction an official Transfer form and Certificate application. After the exchange of money, the Buyer should take both forms and immediately turn them in to the Member Admin per instructions on the forms. Once sent to the Member Admin, immediately register on-line for your annual dues (if during the season’s period of registration) with the temporary Certificate number of 9999. The new Certificate later will be approved by the Board and assigned a new number and mailed to you. 

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