Becoming A Member Owner

Purchasing an Owner’s Certificate

The Club is owned and operated by Certificate holders which makes you an equal part owner of Northwest Swim Club. Owners have exclusive access, rights and responsibilities. With an Owner's Certificate the following is important to know.

• You have exclusive voting rights in the operation of the Club.
• The Club is exclusive for Owners and their Guests.
• You are guaranteed the ability to use the pool each summer through the payment of Annual Dues.
• You are required to pay yearly Annual Dues by May 1, or risk losing their Certificate
• Each Owner Household owns an equal part of the Club as any other Certificate holder
• Volunteer service will be asked of you; on the Board, Boosters, Events, Projects, Fund Raising etc.
• Without an Owner's Certificate you cannot join
• A maximum of 900 Certificates are ever in circulation at one time, thereby keeping NWSC less crowded.

What are Transfers?

To be an Owner you can purchase an Owner’s Certificate directly from the pool or purchase one from a current member (Transfer) who has decided they no longer want to use the pool. Contact our Member Administrator for available Certificates.
Current Owners who want to Transfer their Certificate must contact our Member Administrator for official Transfer forms and instructions.

Certificate Terminations

Owners not paying their Annual Dues by May 1 of each year start the Termination Process.
This process includes:
• A Late Fee of $25
• Attempted contact by the Club through phone and/or e-mail to determine the Owners intent to join
• A written notice of Termination sent by the Board
• Non-payment at the end of this process will result in the Board reclaiming the Certificate from the Owner and it loses any value for the ex-owner.