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Northwest Swim Club takes our instruction of swimming and safety skills very seriously. We have a history of quality instructors, including our current Lesson Director, Missy DeCarlo, an experienced Elementary School Teacher. She leads a talented and enthusiastic team of instructors and aides throughout 4, 8-day sessions this summer. 

If you have a passion for teaching, we are always recruiting and willing to train potential instructors. See our employment page if interested.

How we conduct lessons is conditional upon Covit-19 protocol, especially class size. To start 2021, we will allow more students/class and not allow non-members the first sesion, but hope to later in the summer. All information below is dependent upon that protocol and subject to change.

Swimming Lessons


10:00 CLASSES– Turtle 6+, Porpoise, Whale

10:30 CLASSES– Turtle, Porpoise, Whale, Shark

11:00 CLASSES– Guppy (no parent), Turtle, Porpoise

11:30 CLASSES– Guppy (with parent), Turtle, Porpoise, Whale



Four, 2-Week Sessions,
 8 classes, 45 min/day

$ 65/session $95 Non-Members
  • Sign Up Begins May 22 & 23, 11-2pm
  • Register and Pay In-Person at Pool Office
  • Session 1: June 7-18
  • Session 2: June 21-July 2
  • Session 3: July 12-23
  • Session 4: July 26-Aug 6
Guppy w/Parent


Parent or other adult in water with their child to start, but encourage independence towards end of session. Comfort in the water is the goal.
Guppy w/o Parent

Ages: 2-3 years

Child in water without parent. A specialized class working on locomotion in shallow and deep water. Must be comfortable in the water without parent, able to put face in the water, blow bubbles, and go under water.
Turtle (Level2)

Ages: 4-5 years

Learn to hold breath, submerge and swim underwater, retrieve objects off bottom and explore deep water. Swim on front, back and side unsupported. Can immediately take Porpoise if successful passing, regardless of age.
Turle 6+ (Level 2)

Ages: 6 & older

Same as Turtle, but especially for the older child who has no swimming experience, is not comfortable with face in the water or swimming unsupported.
Porpoise (Level 3)

Ages: Any Age

Learn to swim 15 yards front crawl with face in the water and rhythmic breathing, and 15 yards of back crawl. Learn butterfly kick. Float and tread water for 30 sec.
Whale (Level 4)

Ages: Any Age

Learn to swim front and back crawl for 25 yards, and 15 yards each of elementary backstroke, butterfly, sidestroke and breaststroke. Survival float and back float 1 min each, open turns and dive from the side.
Shark (Level 5)

Ages: Any Age

Learn to do front and back crawl 50 yards each; butterfly, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke 25 yards each. Front and back flip turns, and 3 types of surface dives.
Lifeguard Readiness
(Level 6)

Ages: Any Age

Includes Level 6 Learn-To-Swim program and skills needed to prepare of Lifeguard Training Class (min. age 15). Must have passed or possess skills of Shark (Level 5).
Stroke School

Ages: Any Age

Aimed to the competitive swimmer or one brushing up on the four competitive strokes. Starts and turns included. Can be taken while on the swim team or in preparation for joining the team.

Water Aerobics

Unlimited Workouts All Summer

$ 150/summer Register in the Pool Office
Special Preseason Registration, May 22 & 23, 11-2pm at pool
Single visits $20, $25(non-member)
  • Classes start Monday June 7

    M & W - 10:30 Shallow Water
    T & TH - 10:30 Deep Water
    Sat 10:00am Deep Water

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard Training

$ 250 $275 for non-members
  • Schedule TBA
  • LGT classes are available at WorthingtonPools.com this winter/spring to be prepared prior to the start of this summer. Lifeguards employed by NWSC can apply to be reimbursed for their LGT class fee