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Certificate Transfer Information
Buyers & Sellers
Certificate Transfer Information - Buyers & Sellers

If you are looking to buy or sell a Certificate of Ownership, you’re in the right place.

Donating your certificate back to the club? Just email Leigh@nwswimclub.org, no fees necessary!

Selling Your Certificate

Current Certificate Owners 

Current Certificate Owners have two options for transferring their Owner’s Certificate: Selling their certificate privately OR Donating their certificate back to the pool.

Selling: Once this Certificate Transfer Fee is paid and a buyer has been found, the certificate can be sold at any mutually agreed upon price. We can provide contact information for persons who have purchased a spot on our waitlist for a certificate, upon request. Currently there are nearly 200 persons on the waitlist with an estimated two year wait to purchase an Owner’s Certificate. 

Donation: With this option, no transfer fee is charged, and the certificate will be sold to a member of the waiting list at the current club price of $250.  Just select “donate” on the Owner’s Certificate Transfer Application and you are done!

Buying a Certificate

The quickest way to purchase a Certificate of Ownership is to purchase a certificate from a current Owning member. Being part of our waitlist will allow selling members to contact you and offer a sale or you may go through other personal channels. When you have found a seller, feel free to reach out to office@nwswimclub.org to verify their account’s good standing as the exchange of your agreed up on price will be handled privately. Once this is complete, your seller will contact NWSC and we will invoice you for your annual dues (to be prorated if sale is made mid-season).

The other avenue to ownership is to join our waitlist and be eligible to purchase a Certificate of Ownership directly from NWSC! When you purchase directly from the club, the cost is $250. Our waitlist is currently over 200 long so this route can take a couple seasons to get an opportunity but we promise it will be worth the wait!

Northwest Swim Club cannot take responsibility for the exchange of money between buyers and sellers. We suggest using a secure backed method such as PayPal or transferring funds in person (at the pool when in season) once verifying a legitimate seller.

Certificate Transfer Fee

Please remember to answer all questions asked during checkout. You and your buyer will handle the exchange of money for the Certificate of Ownership. Once complete, fill out the Certificate Transfer Information form that will be emailed after this purchase. NWSC will invoice your buyer for the upcoming year’s dues to be paid directly to the club.

Price: $25.00
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You or your buyer must ensure dues are paid by any deadline which falls during your transaction. Failure to pay dues associated with any Owner Certificate, regardless of place in sale transaction, may result in revocation of the Certificate rendering it unsalable.

Waitlist Fee

Price: $25.00

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