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Board and Financial Information
Board of Trustees

Northwest Swim Club is governed by the Board of Trustees who are elected by the owners for three year terms. Board of Trustee meetings are held monthly on the second Monday of each month at 7pm. The first portion of the board meeting is public and open to all owners and the second portion the Board goes into executive session.  Elections have been occurring through online voting each fall since at least 2020. Owners are entitled to one vote per household. Provisional members are not voting members of the club. These and other governing rules of the Swim Club are available in the Code of Regulations. Board Meeting minutes are available to members in their member dashboard as required by state law.

2024 Board of Trustees

  • Alicia McAuliffe, President
  • Deb Mosko, Secretary
  • Jeremy Ohlinger, Treasurer  
  • Cheryl Alexander
  • Tim Bowers
  • Jim Fritz
  • Larry Nelson
  • Dick Rabold
  • Betsy Saxer
  • Quintin Ward
  • Mark Witchey

2024 Board Meeting Dates

  • March 11
  • April 8
  • May 13
  • June 10
  • July 8
  • August 12
  • September 9
  • October 14
  • November 11
  • December 9


Financial Information

IRS Form 990 

Nonprofit organizations like Northwest are required to file IRS Tax Form 990. These forms are public information and are available from a variety of sources, and must be provided by nonprofit organizations.

In 2022, Northwest switched fiscal years to coincide with the calendar year. 990 forms for 2022 will be available soon, and 2023 will be available in summer of 2024 after filing with the IRS.

1064 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
614-972-7399* Seasonally mid-May through early September

Mailing address: PO Box 20015, Columbus, OH 43220



2024 Board of Directors

Alicia McAuliffe – President | Deb Mosko – Secretary | Jeremy Ohlinger – Treasurer  | Cheryl Alexander | Tim Bowers | Jim Fritz | Larry Nelson | Dick Rabold |  Betsy Saxer | Quintin Ward | Mark Witchey

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