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In the fall of 1971, about a dozen families in a small neighborhood in Northwest Columbus decided that the area needed a swimming pool for family recreation. By March of 1972 they were starting to dig a hole. On July 22, 1972 the pool was opened for its first day of business.

Northwest Swim Club has gone through periods of growth and decline with a full Membership of 900 households in the 1990’s to the early 2000’s, then again beginning in 2020. Our Code of Regulations, created by our founders, limits us to 900 households in a facility designed for 1100 so that we can avoid overcrowding. From the outset, Northwest Swim Club has been a place for families; after all, it is owned and operated entirely by its members. Activities were created by the members and designed around their interests. Many of these activities have become so popular that they are part of the folklore of the Club. Yet, the Club has been ever changing to meet the needs of each generation that it has had the privilege to serve, including operating safely through Covid-19.

The competitive swimming and diving teams have been a model for the area. Going through experiences of large and small teams, we have experienced all levels of success including a two-year drought of dual meet wins and 16 years of consecutive championships. But our focus has always been an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fun first, then competitiveness. Our parents group has always kept the proper focus on a positive experience for their children.

Initially, we were located on a rather quiet country road. Now, Bethel Road is an important business district. Yet, Northwest Swim Club has continued to be nestled in a quiet and beautiful setting above all the traffic and hustle going on around. We like to think of us as the β€œOasis of Bethel Rd.”

The pool is constructed of stainless steel, a new concept for pools in 1972. At that time, it was the β€œWorld’s Largest Stainless Steel Swim Pool.” That foresight has been a key to the continued youthful look to the facility, along with constant improvements to maintain a top-notch Club. Β 

Located in Northwest Columbus, 1064 Bethel Rd, Mailing address: PO Box 20015, Columbus, OH 43220 Β  Phone: 614-972-7399

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