Noon-9pm, Weekdays
10am-9pm, Weekends & Holidays
Exceptions: See “Events” tab above 

Address: 1064 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220

Mailing: PO Box 20015 Columbus, OH 43220

Phone: 614-972-7399


Prospective New Owner/Members Start Here

Purchase of an Owner’s Certificate is Required 
Before Purchasing Annual Dues (next column)

Currently the Club has a very limited number of
Owner Certificates
 for 2021

If you are interested in purchasing an Owner’s Certificate from the Club, 
or through a “Transfer,” you must first e-mail the
Member Administrator  
for availability, further instructions, and forms.

What does it mean to be an Owner of NWSC?
  • You are a part-owner of Northwest and must pay Annual Dues each year to stay a member in good standing (limited to 900 households}.
  • The Certificate purchase is paid before your first year’s Annual Dues.
  • The Owner Certificate’s price currently is $250 when buying directly from the Club. When the Club is sold out see next bullet.
  • Outgoing members can sell their Certificates (called a Transfer) for more or less than $250. Sellers first must register with the Member Administrator to receive Transfer forms, instructions, and pay a $25 Transfer Fee up front.
  • Buyers and Sellers must link up and negotiate a Transfer (see below). 
  • You must be an owner to register for Annual Dues and to use the Club as a member.


Certificate Owners, Go Directly To The “Membership” Page To Pay Annual Dues.
The window for paying dues is March 1 – May 1

All Credit Card Fees are paid by the Club.  

 Don’t own a Certificate? Read the previous column about purchasing one from the Club (if available) or buying one off of a current member.


Seasons With Covid-19
(just in case it goes beyond 2020)

The Board, Management & Staff are dedicated to providing our members with a safe & healthy facility following Governor DeWine’s and our Health Department’s guidelines. Our members expressed exceptional satisfaction in the policies formed and carried out in 2020. Be ensured we will continue to establish and monitor 6′ separation (in and out of the water), keep everything sanitized, perform daily symptom assessments, maintain staff to meet these expectations and train all staff in our procedures.  When given the opportunity to open, we will be ready to offer a “full” summer of relaxation, comfort, peace of mind, quality interaction with others, and the opportunity for your children to participate in instruction and burn off some energy.



Current Certificate Owners in-good-standing can elect to sell their Certificate for whatever price the Buyer and Seller can agree on through the Transfer process, however, the Club’s price is the original price of $250.

There is a $25 Transfer Fee that must be paid by the Seller to the Club before obtaining official Transfer Forms. Contact the Member Administrator to get started. You are welcome to find your own Buyer and/or register your email with the Member Admin which will be shared with interested Buyers.

A physical transfer of forms and exchange of money between the Seller and Buyer will be required, at which time the Seller’s responsibilities and ownership are over.


To buy an Owner’s Certificate from a current Owner you can find your own Seller or contact the Member Administrator for a list. In either case you should check with the Member Admin to verify that your Seller is an Owner in-good-standing with a valid Certificate to sell.

The Seller should bring to the transaction an official Transfer form and Certificate application. After the exchange or money, the Buyer should take both forms and turn them in to the Member Admin per instructions on the forms. Once sent to the Member Admin, immediately register on-line for your annual dues (if during the season’s period of registration) with the temporary Certificate number of 9999. The new Certificate later will be approved by the Board and assigned a new number and mailed. 

From the Member Administrator of NWSC,
Thankfully, we are able to look back and celebrate a 2020 season, and applaud it as one of the best seasons Northwest has experienced, with a record growth of new members, creating a fun family feeling, and healthy atmosphere. We must praise the Management and Staff for all the hard work in preparation for the summer and in carrying out the Covid policies throughout. The cooperation displayed by the members must also be recognized for their compliance to the procedures and policies, cheerfulness in every visit, and general support of the Board, Management and Club, ending in a near full membership.
A full membership means that Owner’s Certificates will shortly (if not already) be sold out. No longer will the Club have any to sell, but potential new owners can still purchase them directly from a current owner. We officially call this a Transfer. Procedures to Buy or Sell Owner Certificates are detailed under the “Membership” banner. All will notice significant changes in the membership process going forward. Because we have sufficient funds to get us through the off-season there will not be a “Winter Discount,” Annual Dues will not even go up for sale until approximately March 1, all Owners must pay their Annual Dues by May 1st, and non-paying of dues by mid-May will result in the Club reclaiming the Owner’s Certificate (called Termination), so that we can immediately sell to a prospective new Owner. A full membership also means that much of the guess work in budgeting disappears. Our largest line item, Annual Dues, remains very constant, and funds can be counted on to make improvements.
The Northwest Swim Club is fully owned and operated by all its Owner’s Certificate holders who elect a Board to oversee its operation. Those not familiar with this type organization should understand Ownership requires the one-time purchase of a Certificate the first year and requires payment of dues annually.  As Owners we look to you for ways to contribute to our success. We hope you can find ways to participate with Swim Boosters, Spring Cleanup Day, being on the Board and committees, etc. Our goal is to provide the best possible facility for your family and friends to choose NWSC for many summers to come.
Dick Rabold
Northwest Swim Club – Member Administrator

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3 months ago

Northwest Swim Club

**Through Aug 16,10am-9pm Daily, Open Swim

Beginning August 17
**10am-4pm Weekdays, Open Swim – Swim area may be reduced because of limited LG availability. Open will be the South 2 lap lanes & 2-3.5ft deep areas. No dive bay, Jaws or 6 lap lanes
**4-9pm Weekdays, Open Swim with entire pool open, All Lap Lanes open
**10am-9pm Weekends, Open Swim in the entire pool, All Lap Lanes open
**Hot Tub Open at all above times.
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3 months ago

Northwest Swim Club

Ladies only Night at Northwest, Fri, Aug 14, from 9pm-Midnt. Plan on a relaxing, funny, or even exciting night at the pool with other female members and guests. We will be allowing Guests from 9-Midnt at $5 each. This is your party, so plan to bring your drink-of-choice (NO glass containers), hors d’oeuvres, games, music etc. The concession will be closed but the grills available. Of course, the Pool, Jaws and Hot Tub will be ready to enjoy. See MoreSee Less

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4 months ago

Northwest Swim Club

**Guests are limited to 4 people/household daily (except Thur) from 5-9pm only.
**An adult Owner, 18 or older, must accompany the guests at all times.
**No Guests on Thursday Hot Dog Nights, or at the Corn Roast
**This guest policy is temporary if not followed**
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