The Best Job You’ll Ever Have, Working at Northwest Swim Club
Lifeguard, Management, Safety Monitor, Office and Concession Staff
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2020 POOL HOURS (tentative)

Noon-9pm, Weekdays
10am-9pm, Weekends & Holidays

Thursdays in July closes 10pm
Wednesday Home Meets, June x, x, x main pool closes 5pm (hot tub & wading pool remain open)
Weekdays starting Aug 7, pool opens 10am
Starting around Aug 17, swim areas may be restricted (due to lifeguard shortage with reopening of schools)
Bonus Weekend, Sept 12 & 13, Noon-8pm

Becoming a New Owner/Member

Being a Member means you are an Owner of NWSC,
this requires the purchase of an Owner’s Certificate (limited to 900}.
The Certificate is a fee added to your first year’s Annual Dues.
The Owner’s Certificate’s price for 2020 is $150 (normally $250)
Outgoing members often sell their Certificate for $150 or less.
A limited number of these discounted Certificates may be obtained
by emailing our Member Administrator.

Winter Sale

$100 OFF New Members Purchasing Certificate
and Annual Dues By Jan 31, 2020.

$25 OFF 2019 Members Purchasing
Annual Dues By Feb 29, 2020.

As Owners, each household is required to pay
Annual Dues by May 1, or pay a $25 late fee

Dues not paid by June 1 are subject to Termination.

Go To “Membership” Page To Pay Annual Dues for 2020

2020 Online Registration NOW available on “Membership” page.

 Look for new information on lessons & team registration in February.

Our pool hours and calendar will be posted by early February.

From the President of NWSC,
It is hard to believe that the 2019 Survey rated Northwest even “Friendlier” than in 2018. Members cited the staff, atmosphere, pool policies, communication and sense of community all as factors to our Friendliness. This is probably responsible for the largest number of new members than we have had for about a decade. Word-of-mouth has excited friends of current members to want to be a part of our tradition of family fun, as well as the many improvements we made in the facility in 2019. We encourage our Owner-Members to continue recruiting your friends to join in on our summers of fun, cleanliness and safety. For membership information contact our Member Administrator.
We have committed to an early start in the off-season to tend to 2 leftover member concerns on the facility, repairing the pool liner and hot tub. We are also revising staff manuals to better train all staff to more consistently and thoroughly make your every visit hassle free. We are anxious for another fantastic summer in 2020.
The Northwest Swim Club is fully owned and operated by all its Owner’s Certificate holders who elect a Board to oversee its operation. Those not familiar with this type organization understand Ownership requires the one-time purchase of a Certificate the first year and requires payment of dues annually.  As Owners we look to you for ways to contribute to our success. We hope you can find ways to participate with Swim Boosters, Spring Cleanup Day, being on the Board and committees, etc. Our goal is to provide the best possible facility for your family and friends to choose NWSC for many summers to come.
Dick Rabold
Northwest Swim Club – Member Administrator

$100 Off New Members
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10 Great Reasons to Join Northwest Swim Club
1. "Comfortable, warm water; pleasant staff which tried hard to please"
2. "I feel like there is a real commitment from the Board and staff to maintain and manage the pool well and to make sure that all members have a positive experience."
3. "My Number ONE reason for belonging to NWSC is for the POOL.; the quality and maintenance of the WATER and availability of LAP LANES"
4. "It had a friendlier vibe. Love the addition of music!"
5. "Inviting, fun feeling when one first walks in. Friendly staff."
6. "It is the best pool in all the area! Hot tub is great. The new shade area added to the baby pool was a GREAT idea. I love that lap lanes are always available during open swim. The water temperature this summer was consistently excellent."
7. "It was a great relaxed environment. I enjoyed the long hours at the end of the summer. It was great for people with young kids!"
8. "We had a blast every time we went. Our daughter worked as a safety monitor and gained valuable work experience as well as great friendships with her coworkers."
9. "I love that I can let my children have some freedoms and still feel like we are in a very safe environment."
10. "The pool is my happy place. It is well cared for, clean and inviting. The children are well behaved."

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